Saturday, April 4, 2009

Introduction To Better Health

Welcome to the site!
Thanks for coming.

Your about to enter a site that will help get you on the road to Better Health. All of these pages contain the information you'll need to look and feel better. I'm not saying that this information will cure all your problems and ailments. A visit to your doctor will help you with that. And in any case, you should visit your doctor before you start any physical activity or change in diet or intake of supplements. Only your doctor can properly advise you on these issues. I will give you information for you to consider and discuss with your doctor so that you can, as I said before, get on the road to Better Health.

I would love to field some questions from people pertaining to their specific situation. Although the information I provide within these pages is good, sound, basic information about health, exercise and weight control, there is nothing better than having your specific questions answered directly, to help you get on a quick track to Better Health.

You can get information about me on the "About Me" section of any of the pages that follows.

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